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There are a ton of options downtown but most importantly there are at least ten great diverse restaurants in the down town area that all have great reviews. Here is our list of the 10 best. From quick casual late night options to upscale special occasion but all score high on our gourmet index.

The Veranda

best martini in fort myers

This fine dining restaurant is known for it’s incredible romantic atmosphere. For starters try the Escargot, crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms. Because it is known as one of the top 5 best restaurants in Southern Florida people travel from Naples or even farther to come here for special occasions. If your special someone is having a birthday this would be the ideal place to book reservations. One of their specialties is the Chilean sea bass.Known to have the best martini in Fort Myers.
Located:2122 Second St, Fort Myers, FL 33901


Downtown House Of Pizza


down town house of pizza

Approximately 3 billion pizza’s are served every year across America. If they all tasted as good as Downtown House Of Pizza the number would be double. This is a casual neighborhood joint, great for late night snacks. They offer one of the best selections of pizzas in Florida and they compliment the selection with size. These pizza’s are huge. This is perfect thin crust pizza. When you enter the place the pizza guy is tossing the pizzas behind the glass giving you that authentic pizza lover experience with ovens tipping the scales at 700 degrees just remember DHOP for short.




The Standard Restaurant Downtown

Bruno’s of Brooklyn

10 Twenty Five

3 Pepper Burrito Company

3 pepper burritto
This is a casual Mexican restaurant with over half a dozen locations in the area. This location consistently gets the best reviews. Give the guacamole a try. To quote one of the customers the burritos are served bigger than a new born baby. We recommend doubling up on the meat for $2 and trying at least 3 different types of peppers.

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls

Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

One of the great things about the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area is the amazing selection of food options. There is everything imaginable including famous Lobster Rolls. This is the legit New England stuff in South Florida. The lobster comes directly from Maine. The Connecticut lobster roll is the most popular option.

Ford’s Garage Ft. Myers

The Lodge